Plastic straws jam recycling equipment, so it’s best to put them in the landfill bin.

Even if is made of bioplastic/PLA and says it is compostable, it still goes to landfill since bioplastic doesn’t sit for long enough in the compost to actually degrade. 


Paper Straws Can Be Recycled

Recycle paper straws by packing them into a brown bag and then stapling the bag shut. Individual paper straws will slip through the paper separator if they are not packed together.

Did You Know?

The Last Plastic Straw Movement

500 million straws are used and discarded on a daily basis in the United States alone. The Last Plastic Straw is working to address this rapidly growing problem. They ask people to request drinks without straws when they go out, and for cities and businesses to ban the use of plastic drinking straws completely.

Walt Disney Company Cut Out Plastic Straws

The Walt Disney Company uses paper straws at some locations to protect their animals from ingesting any discarded plastic. Find out more.