Scrap Metal

Special Instructions

Place scrap metal in the special metal recycling bins/hoppers in the following nine locations: B2, B7, B58, B62, B64, B71, B76, B69, and B88. They should not be overfilled. 

Metal hoppers are strictly for scrap metal only.  Prohibited items are:  Electronic waste, DOE tagged assets, liquids, chemicals (Hazardous or Radioactive waste), and trash.  This includes light ballasts. Please contact a Generator Assistant with any questions.  

If you are too far from the hopppers, you can put them in a cardboard box and submit a work request to have Transportation Services take it. If they’re so small/lightweight that it  doesn’t warrant that, you can put it in the Other Recycling. 

Did You Know?

How Much Scrap Metal the US Recycles on Average

In the United States, more than 250 billion pounds of scrap metal is recycled annually. 250 billion pounds translates to the same weight as 70 million cars. With more recycled scrap metal in the market, less resources need to be mined because recycled metal is a quality supply chain.