Plastic Wrap


Plastic Film Is Not Recyclable

Plastic film can clog up the machinery at recycling facilities which can cause equipment to malfunction, so it is not normally accepted in recycling bins. Though we previously had a program to collect it bagged in a bag, it is no longer running as there is no market for recyclers to sell the material. To learn more about plastic film’s decrease in value, see this article

Ways to Reduce


Use Reusable Containers Instead

Whenever possible, use reusable containers instead of wrapping up food in plastic wrap.

Did You Know?

What's in Your Plastic Wrap?

Many companies have stopped making their plastic wrap from PVC (plastic #3), and have instead switched to LDPE (plastic #4). PVC is thought to be the less healthy choice because this plastic contains toxic plasticizers like DEHA, which can migrate into food. Saran Wrap recently switched to LDPE, which made their new plastic wraps chlorine-free. SC Johnson, who manufactures Saran Wrap, say they made this change because they strive to use environmentally-responsible ingredients.