Plastic Bottles

Other Recycling

Empty Before Recycling

Empty and rinse out plastic bottles recycling; this will prevent any liquids from contaminating the recycling process.


Leave Caps Attached to the Lid

It’s OK to recycle caps and lids on plastic containers as long as they are still attached to their original containers.


Most Plastic Bottles Are Eligible for CRV

Most plastic bottles are eligible for the California Redemption Value (CRV) refund. Find out how to redeem beverage containers for CRV.

Did You Know?

Bottled Water: Is It the Same as Tap?

Most bottled water is simply filtered tap water, and it can cost more than twice as much as what’s available from the tap.

Coke Developed a Recycling Game That Takes Empty Bottles

Coke wanted to see if they could get people to recycle who normally don’t if the process was more fun. They dropped off six “Happiness Arcade” games in six locations  around Dhaka, Bangladesh to test their theory. From this effort, they collected thousands of bottles. Read more.