Lunchables Packaging


Recycle the Cardboard

The outer cardboard packaging that the Lunchables come in can be recycled as long as it’s clean. Find out more.


Ways to Reduce

Homemade Lunch Box

Make Your Own “Lunchables”

Making your own “lunchables” lunch box in reusable containers has three major benefits: it’s better for the environment, it’s healthier, and, surprisingly, it’s more cost-effective, as shown by the Squawkfox homemade Lunchables experiment.

Did You Know?

Bad for the Environment and for Your Health

The health benefits of Lunchables can be nonexistent, depending on which type you buy. The company has been delivered notoriously poor nutrition ratings:

“Most Lunchables and other packaged lunch meals are packed with saturated fat and cholesterol. The only way to get significant fiber from these products would be to eat the box.”  -Cancer Project dietitian Krista Haynes, R.D., L.D.