Hazardous Material Containers (Empty)

Special Instructions

If you have any questions about disposal of empty containers, please contact your Generator Assistant.

Chemical containers that previously held hazardous materials (not acutely or extremely hazardous) and meet the definition of California empty can be disposed of in a landfill or other recycling bin, rather than treated as regulated waste, provided two conditions are met:

  • the container is five gallons or smaller in size, and

  • the previous contents were not an acutely or extremely hazardous chemical.

Write “empty” on the label before disposal. You can find more information in section 1.6.1 Empty Containers on the EHS Hazardous Wastes site.

An alternative to landfill disposal of non-recyclable chemical containers is to reuse these containers to manage your hazardous waste.

NOTE! Before using original containers to store waste chemicals, work with your Generator Assistant to evaluate compatibility issues and to confirm that it meets regulatory requirements for size, especially if you are planning to use it to store flammable liquids.

Additional information on disposal of chemical containers can be found here.