Glass Bottles (Water and Solvent)

IGB Lab Special Instructions Other Recycling


Place empty water and solvent glass bottles that are completely empty and dried in main blue recycling bins in the lab. Maximum two 4L bottles in recycling bins at any one time.

Broken Glass

Wrap Up Broken Glass

Broken glass can physically injure sanitation workers and trash haulers. Wrap up the broken glass before disposing of it. Learn how to properly dispose of broken glass.

Recycle Only Your Empties

Dump out any leftover food or drink before recycling empty glass containers. Sticky food or liquid can contaminate other recyclables.

Did You Know?

Glass Is Infinitely Recyclable

Glass is one of the most recyclable items on the planet. It can be broken down and upcycled infinitely without losing strength, purity, or quality. The glass containers used to hold food and beverages, in particular, are usually 100 percent recyclable. Recovered glass is often upcycled into tiles, concrete pavements, and parking lots.