Gift Boxes

Paper Recycling

Empty Completely

Before you recycle a gift box, make sure it’s free of tissue paper by emptying out anything inside.

Gift Bow

Remove Bows and Glitter

Bows, glitter and other decorations that sometimes adorn gift boxes are not recyclable. Remove decorations and cut out glitter-covered pieces before recycling any gift box.

Flattened Cardboard Boxes

Flatten Boxes

Flatten gift boxes before recycling them, in order to save space and to make them easier to sort.

Ways to Reuse

Use More Than Once

Instead of throwing gift boxes out after one use, save and reuse them until they become worn out.

Did You Know?

Top 7 Ways to Be More Sustainable During the Holidays

Gift Wrapping Waste

How much gift wrapping waste do Americans generate on a yearly basis? About two pounds per person, or 40 million pounds in total, which includes paper products used to wrap, package and decorate gifts. 38 million miles of ribbon are discarded per year, which is enough to wrap around the Earth.