Gift Bags

Paper Recycling
Gift Bow

No Adornments

Generally, gift bags can’t be recycled if they have ribbons or bows. If your gift bag is 100 percent paper, it is okay to recycle, but first remove all of the adornments.

Ways to Reuse

Pile of Gift Bags

Regift The Bag

As long as the gift bag is in good condition, reuse it when giving someone a gift.

Keep Gift Bags for Storage

Although they don’t last forever, sturdier gift bags can make handy storage containers or be useful for transporting items.

Did You Know?

Top 7 Ways to Be More Sustainable During the Holidays

Gift Wrapping Waste

How much gift wrapping waste do Americans generate on a yearly basis? About two pounds per person, or 40 million pounds in total, which includes paper products used to wrap, package and decorate gifts. 38 million miles of ribbon are discarded per year, which is enough to wrap around the Earth.