Campus Services Special Instructions

Equipment and furniture (functional or non-functional) no longer needed should be sent to Excess (Building 79) to be recycled or redeployed. If you need equipment and furniture, inquire with Excess for reusable functional items. Transportation Services coordinates the movement of items to and from Building 79. There is no cost to moving items less than 250 pounds. For more information, check out the Excess Services page.

NOTE! Remove all items from desk drawers and other storage areas prior to sending the equipment or furniture to Salvage.

Did You Know?

How Your Furniture May Be Harming California Condors

A recent study found that populations of the endangered California Condor have elevated levels of toxic contaminants like mercury and PBDEs, a flame retardant. PBDEs leech into the environment through close contact with or improper disposal of the items that contain them, such as stuffed and upholstered furniture. These chemicals have also been shown to have negative health effects on people.