Egg Cartons (Paper)

dirty carton

Avoid Food Traces

Only clean, dry egg cartons can be put in recycling. If you place eggs back in the carton after cracking them, the carton is no longer recyclable: food residue is a contaminant for paper and plastic recycling.


Paper Cartons Are Compostable

These cartons are made from paperboard, which works as a brown material to help compost break down more quickly.

Did You Know?

Paper-Board Cartons Are More Eco-Friendly Than Styrofoam Ones

As you grocery shop, think about where your food packaging will end up. Eggs often come in paper or styrofoam casing. Did you know that paperboard packaging is the more eco-friendly option? It’s recyclable and biodegradable. Styrofoam is less so because it’s made from plastic #6, which is made from petroleum and often not recycled. Even if paperboard ends up in landfill, it will break down and leave no harmful traces.

Designing a More Eco-Friendly Egg Carton

One Hungarian graduate student designed an egg carton made from far less material. It is a design change that could have a huge environmental impact because it cuts down on every household’s waste. Her finished product is a single piece of cardboard that flips open and shut. View this egg carton design.