Coat Hangers (Wire)

Recycling Bin

Unsafe to Recycle

Wire coat hangers are highly problematic for the recycling industry: they can get stuck in recycling equipment and cause jams, damage, and even injuries. To avoid this, keep them out of your recycling.


Recycle the Paper on the Hanger

The paper or lightweight cardboard that sometimes comes on wire hangers is recyclable. The foam and yarn that can accompany wire hangers, however, are not and should just be thrown in the garbage.

Ways to Reuse

Return Them to the Dry Cleaners

Dry cleaners are major users of wire hangers, and many are willing to take your unwanted wire hangers back and reuse them.

Did You Know?

The Impact of the Dry Cleaning Industry

Dry cleaners go through 3.5 billion wire hangers every year, or about 60,000 cars’ worth of steel, exposing a clear need for more sustainable and easily recyclable hangers.

Eco-Friendly Hangers

Since most hangers are nearly impossible to recycle, some companies have begun working on more eco-friendly hangers. Take Ditto Hangers, for instance, which created both paper and easily recyclable plastic hangers to replace traditional hangers.